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What is the Role of Hospital Furniture in the Medical Environment?

As we all know, hospital furniture is an indispensable part of the medical space environment and the main part of the indoor environment. In the space environment of the hospital, hospital furniture accounts for about 45% of the indoor area, and is the main object for medical staff, patients and their families to conduct diagnosis and treatment and work. Therefore, the design of hospital furniture is very critical and carries the expectations of some people.

Ⅰ. Know the hospital furniture

Hospital furniture is mainly designed and laid out according to the functionality of different departments and medical procedures to improve work efficiency and prevent infection. The design concept of hospital furniture is more diversified, mainly for the purpose of fully satisfying the functions used by different departments. Hospital furniture materials are more environmentally friendly than ordinary furniture, and on this basis, they must be resistant to chemical reactions, to ensure anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, fire-proof and mildew-proof effects, and the most important point is to have anti-infection effects.

Ⅱ. What are the functions of hospital furniture?

The design of hospital furniture should not only consider the role of use, but also according to the scientific normative layout, coordinate the form and color, and layer the design to create a medical environment with different style characteristics. Let medical staff feel comfortable at work, let patients enjoy the warmth of family, promote doctor-patient relationship, and make the hospital full of vitality.

1. Create a space atmosphere

In addition to its basic functions, hospital furniture has a decisive influence on the three-dimensional rendering of the atmosphere in terms of modeling design, style, color, and layering. Atmosphere is the overall impression of the interior space environment. Such as a happy atmosphere, a relaxed atmosphere close to health, a solemn atmosphere, an elegant and fresh cultural and creative atmosphere, etc. Such as Chinese chairs, tables and chairs, examination beds, diagnosis and treatment equipment, potted flowers, paintings, etc., can create an artistic atmosphere of ancient and modern Chinese medicine clinics.

2. Psychological effect

Psychological function is the adjustment of high-level talents for hospital furniture. Hospital furniture is for medical staff, patients and related service items. The requirements of three psychological states should be considered in the design. The design language and information content of hospital furniture manufacturers are reflected according to people's vision, touch, taste, smell and psychological state experience, privacy and achievement.

People-oriented hospital furniture design can not only consider the basic functions of users, but also arouse people's sense of happiness, which is conducive to the treatment and recovery of patients, the health and efficiency of doctors, and the improvement of hospital brand effect and manufacturing competitiveness.

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