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What Qualities Must a Hospital Waiting Chair Have?

Ⅰ. Comfortable waiting room chairs for hospitals can improve the hospital level

No one will come to the hospital in a good mood for treatment. When they come to the hospital, they have to wait in line for the doctor's diagnosis. Thus the waiting room chairs for hospitals are needed. The hospital waiting chair is very special to make the patient likes it. If they feel comfortable, you will feel better in this way. With such a comfortable hospital waiting chair, the impression of the hospital will definitely be improved.

Comfortable waiting room chairs for hospitals have something to do with the hospital image. This is because if the hospital waiting chair allows the patient to sit comfortably, the patient's evaluation of the hospital will naturally be high. If the patient is not comfortable sitting at all, moving around will not only make the uncomfortable patient sitting, but It will also disturb the patient next door.

Ⅱ. What qualities must a hospital waiting chair have?

1. Green and environmental protection. First of all, hospital waiting chairs need to be green and environmentally friendly, which is also the primary criterion for choosing hospital waiting chairs. Generally, green furniture includes many aspects: the materials used in the furniture are energy-efficient, low-consumption, low-pollution, easy to recycle and reuse. General hospitals purchase more steel furniture, and steel-wood and PU materials are more environmentally friendly than wood-panel furniture.

2. It is ergonomic. The hospital waiting chair should be ergonomic, the structure should be firm, the shape should be simple and generous, and the color should be light and fresh.

3. Humanization. Hospital waiting chairs must also meet the requirements of humanization. The first step of the requirements of humanization is to carry out ergonomics, and the design should be humanized for patients to use, such as changing the edges and corners to rounded corners and designing armrests to facilitate the patient to stand up, etc. At the same time, the humanization needs of hospital waiting chairs also include the humanization of colors, which should be more lively.

Ⅲ. How to perform routine maintenance on the hospital waiting chair?

1. Pay attention to avoid collisions during use to prevent damage to the bed accessories. If you need to replace or repair the bed accessories, remember to contact the manufacturer directly and try not to disassemble the accessories by yourself. If corrosive liquids accidentally corrode the accessories of the waiting room chair in the hospital, It needs to be cleaned in time to avoid discoloration and spots. When cleaning, you can use a neutral synthetic detergent to wipe it off and pay attention to it with a dry cloth.

2. In order to ensure safety, pay attention to the position of the hospital waiting chair to be visible before entering to avoid collisions with wheelchairs or children due to viewing angle problems. We can use neutral detergents to clean regularly and remember not to use corrosive liquids to clean after cleaning. After that, we can apply some oil to the inside of the screw thread to reduce the damage caused by friction.

3. Pay attention to regularly check whether the various parts of the hospital waiting chair are firm and whether the screws are loose, so as to prevent the injury caused by the continued use of the abnormality in time, and avoid accidents during the use of the patient, because the patient has weak body, if the waiting chair causes the second injury, it will be very serious.

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