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What's the Difference Between a Medical over Bed Table and a Home over Bed Table?

Ⅰ. The size of the medical over bed table

Generally speaking, whether it is a medical over-bed table or an ordinary household over bed table, their product size is basically fixed, and there will not be much difference overall. The medical over bed table will also be adjusted appropriately according to bed and the overall situation of the hospital. The medical over bed table has the following stypes: narrow over bed table, size width: 400mm-600mm; depth: 350mm-450mm; height: 500mm-700mm. Common over bed table: size width: 500mm-700mm; depth: 350mm-450mm; height: 400mm-600mm.

Ⅱ. What is the difference between a medical over bed table and a household over bed table?

What materials do medical over bed tables generally have? What is the difference with the home over bed table? Generally speaking, the price of household over bed tables is higher than that of medical over bed tables, mainly in terms of materials. Because household over bed cabinets are mainly used at home, you will be more concerned about the choice, you may choose wooden over bed cabinets. Medical over bed cabinets are made of plastic or iron over bed cabinets due to performance reasons, and the price will naturally be lower. According to the material of the over bed table, the medical over bed table mainly includes ABS over bed table, stainless steel over bed table and cold-rolled steel over bed table. The stainless steel over bed table is more expensive than the other two.

Generally speaking, when choosing a medical over bed table, the main focus is on practicality, simplicity, and convenience. There are not too many requirements for the shape. Some over bed tables even have a lock function that allows the patient or the patient’s family to put things in. After entering, the over bed table can be locked. The home over bed table will pay more attention to the aesthetics and the overall texture of the over bed table itself.

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