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Why Do Hospitals Like Electric Nursing Beds Now?

With the development of science and technology, the rapid progress of various production equipment has created a lot of tools that are beneficial to people's life. The same is true of hospital furniture. In order to facilitate the daily activities of patients, many hospitals now choose electric nursing beds. So what is the matter with electric nursing beds? What features does it have and why is it so popular?

Ⅰ. Understand the electric nursing bed

Nursing beds are generally powered beds, which are divided into electric or manual nursing beds. They are designed according to the patient's bedridden habits and treatment needs, and are designed with family members to accompany them. They have multiple nursing functions and operation buttons, and use insulated and safe beds. Functions such as weight monitoring, back eating, prevention of bedsores, negative pressure suction and bedwetting alarm, mobile transportation, rest, rehabilitation (passive movement, standing) and other functions can prevent patients from falling out of bed. Electric nursing beds are used for the treatment and rehabilitation of patients or the elderly. At first, it was mainly used in hospitals. With the development of the economy, electric nursing beds have also entered the families of ordinary people, becoming a new choice for home care, greatly reducing the burden of nursing staff.

Ⅱ. The reasons why hospitals like electric nursing beds

1. The use of the electric nursing bed is very convenient for the patient, but it should be noted that its safety is very important, because the electric nursing bed needs to be connected to the power supply, so the electric nursing bed should not be in contact with water. To avoid the risk of electric shock, and if the current is large, it will damage the electric nursing bed, so when carrying out daily cleaning, you need to pay attention to cut off the power first.

2. Because of the functional characteristics of the electric nursing bed, in order to facilitate people who are not suitable to get out of bed to meet their needs to be able to eat and read books in bed, the electric nursing bed has the function of lifting and lowering, so when using the controller, you need to pay attention not to. Press it randomly to avoid the malfunction of the controller button. Once it occurs, it needs to be checked and repaired, which will not only cause a certain amount of trouble to the patient itself, but also cause a certain loss to the hospital.

3. In order to ensure the safety of the patient, both sides of the electric nursing bed are equipped with automatically retractable guardrails. The patient opens it when he is on the bed, and can shrink it when he needs to get out of bed. It is convenient and safe to use, but be careful not to use brute force to pull the guardrail, so as to avoid a certain impact on its automatic expansion and contraction function, or even damage, then it will cause certain inconvenience to the patient when using it.

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