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Why Use Elderly Care Beds?

1. About elderly care beds

Traditional care beds focus on the adjustment of the back and legs. The advanced care beds add some other functions, such as height adjustment. There are care beds specially designed for use in hospitals and clinics, as well as elderly care beds designed for the elderly and bedridden people.

The main function of care beds life activities refers to a series of actions from sleeping position to standing position, and from sitting position to standing position. Since daily life starts from the sleeping position, the self-service equipment and assistive devices for the elderly are mainly bedding. Bedding includes care beds, mattresses, sheets, blankets, quilts, pillows and other equipment or supplies.

2. Why use elderly care beds?

The main purpose of the care bed is to allow people to sleep and rest. However, for the elderly who stay at home, especially those who have to stay in bed for a long time due to disability, the bed is not only a place to sleep and rest, but also the main place of their daily life. Therefore, it is very important for the disabled and semi-disabled elderly to choose elderly care beds that are convenient for daily life and nursing.

Family members should consider the daily life and care of the elderly, and choose care beds with various functions based on the elderly's disability and semi-disability situation.

For the elderly who stay at home, there are many benefits to changing normal beds into elderly care beds. Most elderly care beds have adjustable functions. The back of the elderly can be raised and the knee height can be adjusted by using electric or manual methods.

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